The BTMS is a co-partnered JV, by Boo Won B.M.S. Co. LTD. of Korea and TMS Turkey, aiming at producing the very best reinforcing coupler system available; the “BMS Parallel Rolled Thread System”.


BMS of Korea is the leading supplier of rebar couplers where quality and performance are the main priorities. BMS name can be found on many well-known projects like Burj Khalifa, Istanbul’s third Bosphorus Bridge, The Marina Bay Sands, Barakah NPP, Seoul’s Sangarm-dong world Cup Main Stadium.


TMS of Turkey, a multi-region Company, operates within the Construction Industry to provide Formwork and Scaffolding Products and related design services. TMS has a quality product range together with an experienced outstanding team capable to supply innovative, safe and cost-effective construction solutions.