Our Quality Policy

TMS Formwork and Scaffolding Systems

TMS Our Top Management;

  • As TMS Tüfekçioğlu, to meet the expectations and needs of all our employee and shareholders and giving services,
  • To be the innovative and pioneer firm by keeping our quality standards on the top level and fulfilling the laws and regulations, serving as per local and international standards,
  • To carry the satisfaction of our employee and our beneficiaries at a top level while serving as per rules and regulations,
  • To provide educative activities for our employee in order to help improve the quality of their services and their professional abilities,
  • To maintain the efficient and productive usage of sources
  • To meet all customer needs within applicable primary and secondary rules and regulations,
  • To improve customer satisfaction by taking some risks and providing opportunities that may affect the presentation and convenience of the services,
  • To improve and maintain customer satisfaction,
  • To proceed as per the rules and regulations regarding work health and security,
  • To provide continuous education for our employee aiming to improve their awareness regarding health and security at work,
  • To determine and control the risks regarding health and security at work,
  • To prevent injuries and breakdowns,
  • To be an honest, principled and ethic corporation
  • It is our job to gain, maintain and improve the trust of every fraction that we provide service for by reaching quality by the quickest, shortest and most feasible way.

R01 / 23.04.2018